Mais sanções contra golpistas

by pasmalu

A ilha de Guérnesei, uma ilha no Canal da Mancha que juntamente com a ilha de Jérsia formam as Ilhas do Canal, uma dependência da Coroa Britânica que não faz parte do Reino Unido, adoptou sanções contra quem “ameace a paz, segurança ou estabilidade da República da Guiné-Bissau. Chamo a atenção para o artigo que se segue.

Guernsey adopts further restrictive measures against Guinea-Bissau

author Emma Titterington

June 8, 2012

The States of Guernsey has adopted restrictive measures against certain persons, entities and bodies threatening the peace, security or stability of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau. All financial institutions and other bodies are requested to check their records to ensure they comply.

The sanctions are against the leaders of the military coup d’état which took place in Guinea-Bissau on 12 April 2012 and who also played a leading role in the mutiny on 1 April 2010. Measures have been put in place due to the threat against the freedom and security of citizens, to call for the release of those held in illegal detention and to call for the end to violence and intimidation against the political leaders and civil society representatives. The measures include an asset freeze on six leaders of the coup and a travel ban.

Guernsey has implemented the provisions of these restrictive measures through enactment of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau (Restrictive Measures) (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2012 in order to ensure the Island’s sanction regime is in line with inline with that in the European Union. This Ordinance was made by the Legislation Select Committee (under Article 66(3) of the Reform (Guernsey) Law, 1948 as amended) on 31 May 2012. The Ordinance will also in due course be laid before the States of Deliberation.

All financial institutions and other bodies and persons in Guernsey will need to continue to ensure they do not maintain any accounts or otherwise hold any funds or economic resources for the entities and individuals in the HMT consolidated lists. Financial institutions are advised to take a cautious approach to satisfy this sanction regime. The Policy Council is the competent authority and licensing authority in relation to these sanctions. Any queries should be sent to subject line “Guinea-Bissau sanctions”.